Best practices of using a mobile phone. (Do’s and Don’t’s)

While mobile phones have helped in empowering people, there are certain precaution everyone must follow in order to ensure that its overuse does not cause any health issue. Mobile phones perform their best when the signal received from the cell towers are strong. Tests have proven that handsets generate more heat when signal from towers are weak as they have to try harder to ensure that there is no glitch or call drop. While this is mostly beyond the control of the user, one can of course check the signal strength on the screen while conversing.

Mobile phones tend to heat up when low on battery, therefore ensuring that the handset is well charged is another safety precaution one should follow. All mobile phone generate a magnetic field and it is advisable to use a handset with the lowest Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) rating. SAR is the measure of the strength of the magnetic field absorbed by human body and these ratings can be easily accessed on the internet. The electromagnetic field generated by the handsets are the highest between the time one dials a number and the recipient receives the call. Therefore, keeping the phone away from ears and body while it is dialling ensures that the magnetic field generated by the handset is not so close to the ear and brain.

One should try to avoid mobile phones while on move, as the handset continuously hops from one tower location to another in search of signal. Each cell phone tower has limited range and the single weakens as one moves farther. While trying to find right signal strength, the handsets generate maximum electromagnetic field and also heats up causing more battery consumption.

Staying hooked to mobile phones for longer hours is not advisable as one will only end up being socially isolated. Also it causes extra battery uses, which in turn again heats up the set. Participating in outdoor activities and field games is always better than proving your skills on mobile games. It not only hampers the eyesight, but is also considered a big reason for growing waistline among teenagers. Outdoor activities on the other hand, increases ones focus and provides tremendous other health benefits.

Mobile phones were invented for providing easy and seamless communication. But it’s over use these days have become cause of concern for many people, including parents, family members and also teachers as students often end up surfing unwanted stuff on their handsets.

A more regulated and disciplined use will only ensure that the technology which was invented for empower people fulfils its purpose and does not become bane of the modern world.

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