Tarang Sanchar – The answer to EMF myths

Tarang Sanchar is an online portal, which disseminates information to the public about Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) signals. Main aim of this portal is to remove the misconceptions that people have regarding health issues caused by EMF emissions from mobile towers. It helps the public to know about the latest developments and to check the status of mobile towers located anywhere in the country.

When people hear the word mobile towers, first thing that comes in their mind is radiations or ultra violet rays, which is hazardous to health. However, the truth is that some way or the other we are always submerged in naturally occurring ionizing radiation reaching us from the outer space. They are present everywhere in our environment. Earth, sun and ionosphere are all natural sources of EMF.

Appliances that we use every day like refrigerators, computers and ovens whenever connected to the main supply also create EMF signals. Many electrical appliances do not just create EMF they rely on them to work. Mobile and cordless phone, televisions and radios and the communication systems used by emergency services all communicate using Radio Frequency EM fields. Even the wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, which is increasingly used by computer networks, to connect to the Internet.

World Health Organization (WHO) has referred to approximately 25,000 articles published around the world over past 30 years, and based on an in-depth review of scientific literature, has concluded: “current evidence does not confirm the existence of any health consequences from exposure to low level electromagnetic field.

Government of India and Department of Telecommunication (DoT), has been monitoring global developments and has already taken necessary steps and adopted stricter norms for safety from EMF radiation that are emitted from mobile towers and mobile handsets. Government of India has been taking due precautions and necessary actions in respect of EMF radiation emitted from mobile towers and mobile handsets by issuing various guidelines and norms taking into account the international standards/norms prescribed by International Commission on Non Ionizing Radiation Protection as recommended by World Health Organization.

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